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Breast Lift Starting at $3,900

Through breast lift, ladies can attain a more symmetrical and youthful appearance. Zion Plastic Surgery Doctors have years of surgical expertise and a federal patent for periareolar mastopexy, which focuses on decreasing the appearance of scars in the final outcomes.

Zion Plastic Surgery recommends the surgery for women who:

  • Have always experienced drooping breasts and am looking for a solution.

  • Women who have lost weight or given birth desire to improve the shape of their breasts and the position of their nipples.

While augmentation adds volume, breast lift improves the aesthetics of the breasts, restores youthfulness, and creates balance without the use of an implant.

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Before Surgery

  • Be in contact with your coordinator to guide you through the process.

  • It is possible to send us pictures for better advice 

  • Remember your labs within 30 days of your procedure. 

  • Do not Smoke cigarettes or use nicotine products.


Most important, following your surgeon's recommendations before surgery will give you a successful and speedy recovery.

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Surgery Date

  • Make sure you're on time for your surgery appointment.

  • Do not eat or drink after midnight on the eve of your surgery.

  • You may also be advised to wash your body with antibacterial soap before heading into surgery.

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing that's easy to take on and off on the day of your surgery

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After Care

  • Remember, if you are coming out of town, come with an adult 21 years or older to help you. 

  • After your procedure, drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

  • Walk every 1 hour for 5 to 10 min after your surgery.   


Most important, following your surgeon's recommendations before surgery will give you a successful and speedy recovery.

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What is Breast Lift

The breast lift procedure is tailored to your unique goals and the state of your breast tissue. The technique successfully removes and lifts extra skin, tightening and reshaping the surrounding tissue. This well-known surgery is a great way to improve both shape and aesthetics. With a specialist breast lift, you may restore perky, youthful breasts today.

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