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Facelift Starting at $3,999

available with local anethisia

Facelift at Zion Plastic Surgery

Face lifts have gained in popularity over the last decade as people's desire to look younger has grown. Face lifts remove sagging skin, wrinkles, and deep lines. Face lifts can also be used to treat severe skin sagging on the face.

When you see your doctor to check if a face lift is right for you, he or she will look at your family history, medical history, skin elasticity, bone structure, wrinkles, and hairline. It is critical that you inform the doctor about any medical concerns you are experiencing and any medications you are or have been taking, as some medications may have bad effects to the operation or the medications used during and after a face lift procedure.

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Before Surgery

  • Send Pictures for evaluation.

  • Do all your laboratory work within 30 days prior to your surgery 

  • If you are a smoker, please quit smoking two months before the procedure 


Most important, following your surgeon's recommendations before surgery will give you a successful and speedy recovery.

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Surgery Date

  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight.

  • Come with a companion over 21 years old.

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After Care

  1. Keep your incision clean.

  2. Don’t do any heavy lifting for the next two months after your surgery.

  3. Use a good scar treatment. 

  4. Do not smoke

Most important, following your surgeon's recommendations before surgery will give you a successful and speedy recovery.

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What is a Facelift?

There are several different variations of facelifts, differing by size, placement, and amount of incisions; procedure; and the results The Thread Lift, also called a Feather or Aptos Life, is the least invasive, using a thread to tighten the skin and performed in our fully accredited certified surgical facility.

All facelifts have the same general steps. Most incisions are made in front of and behind the ear, placed where it will fall into the natural crease of the skin. On occasion, the incision will extend into the scalp. Facelifts for males will have the incisions fall into the natural bear lines.

During the actual facelift, the doctor will work with the deeper layers of the face. Usually, the surgeon will separate the skin from the muscle, lift and/or trim what is needed, then re-drape the skin and suture it back in place.

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