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Dr. Pablo Antonio Baltodano Fallas

MD, Board Elegible Plastic Surgeon


Dr. Pablo Baltodano is an award winning cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon. He is known internationally for delivering stunning results and his attention to detail drives him to tailor every aspect of the surgery to the specific patient's needs. He is completely fluent in English and Spanish. 

Dr. Pablo Baltodano completed his surgical internship at the prestigious and world-famous Johns Hopkins Hospital. He then completed integrated plastic surgery residency training at Albany Medical Center, New York, where he graduated with honors. 


Scientific and clinical pursuits have been a constant in Dr. Baltodano's career. He has authored and co-authored 30+ scientific publications. In addition, he is the mastermind behind the Baltodano Breast Reduction Score, a nationally-validated method for reducing the risk for complications after breast reduction surgeries. Dr. Baltodano's surgical finesse parallels his academic achievements. He is very well liked by his patients and his team excels in patient care, customer care, and satisfaction.



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